Commercial Patio Furniture

Commercial Patio Furniture

Our commercial patio furniture is attractive, durable, safe, and affordable. We take pride in providing high-end outdoor furniture for your outdoor facility or community.

Furniture can be mixed and matched with other pieces, styles and colors to give your area a polished and professional designer appearance. You want the public or your members, to enjoy what you have to offer as well as tell others how pleasant their experience was, whether it was relaxing or joining in on group activities.

We will sit down and look through our catalogs to assist you with selecting the right style and colors that will set you apart from everyone else. In addition, our manufacturers' take our environment seriously when producing products to be used outside.

Commercial Patio Furniture

Tell us what you envision and we'll show you what we have or help find the look you desire.


Outdoor furnishings, dining tables and chairs, benches, receptacles, planters, and more!

Set Up

We will have your products delivered and set up in the designated area the way you want it.


Together we will discuss, depending on your purchase, if you need maintenance or cleaning.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living
Patios & Poolside

Our main styles of outdoor furnishings include; Bistro, Contemporary, Traditional, and Transitional.

Courtyard Furniture
Courtyards & Dining

Not only do we supply tables, chairs and benches, we can design amazing outdoor kitchens or firepits.

Terrace Furniture
Gazebos & Parks

Make a statement with our many styles and colors of fabric and accessories for your commercial patio furniture.