Commercial Shade Structures

Commercial Shade Structures

Why do commercial shade structures matter in Tennessee. It's hot in the summer! Even for outdoor enthusiasts, summertime can be scoarching without a little shade relief. They are great for ducking into for the frequent rain without warning we experience here too.

How much more enjoyable are parks, playgrounds, school yards, athletic facilities and community outdoor areas when there is a great escape from the sun. Music City Amenity Services provides shade when Mother Nature can't, and we can make it moveable.

We build permanent structures that withstand the elements and are not only great for cover, they also look awesome! All of our shade installations are built from high quality products at an affordable price with warranties. Outdoor lighting, steps, rails, ramps, and other features can be installed.

Commercial Shade Structure

We have you covered when we design your shade structure, literally. We never sacrifice quality to make a sale, our structures are built with the public's comfort and safety in mind.


Our service includes knowing the local building requirements and regulations. Our shade structures can stand alone, or moveable, or integrated with an existing structure.


We specialize the highest quality commercial shade structures with excellent workmanship. Depending on the size needed and the area where it will be located, determines the cost and timeline.


Music City Amenity Services can customize a maintenance package that best suits your structure and your budget. Maintenance includes; structual, cleaning, and warranty compliance.

Latest Projects

Shade Structure
Outdoor Coverings

Outdoor coverings may be fixed or moveable, they include; pergolas, umbrellas, sails, and canopies.

Park Pavillion
Park Pavilions

Park pavilions, picnic shelters, cantilever/bus shelters, and more in a variety of styles and materials.

Outdoor Shade Structure
Cabanas & Gazebos

When you want to showcase your area and amenities, custom cabanas or gazebos are great commercial shade structures.