Sports Court Amenities

Sports Court Amenities

Our sports court amenities include construction of new tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, bocce ball, batting cages, multi-use courts and more. If your project is not listed, just ask if we can build it.

We will meet with you and discuss your plans, go over different designs as well as surfaces that endure in Tennessee climate. We provide many options when it comes to equipment such as; nets, fencing, hoops, goals, backboards, scoreboards and lighting.

As a lifelong advocate of athletics and former tennis coach, building your court for longevity, safety and aesthetically pleasing as well as following all guidelines of professional standards.

Our surfaces include asphalt, clay, concrete and cushioned surfaces. We install sports courts for schools, apartment complexes, parks, housing communities/developments and private organizations.

Batting Cage
Plan & Design

Is your plan for a single sport or would you like it to be versatile and multi-use given the location and area limits? We will discuss if grading is needed, access for the members, and adequate drainage.


Our service includes a free evaluation before any decision is made, we do our very best to give you an accurate quote of all costs, including equipment, labor and assiantance with your licensing.


We are the professionals and know what is needed to complete your project with quality products and superior construction skills. Let us handle the installation and you enjoy the results.


As with everything outdoors, and indoors, courts need maintenance and at times, repairs. We will customize a maintenance plan that suits the type of court(s) you have, amount of usage and your budget.

Court Designs

Tennis Court
Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are a very important part of who we are, and we want to be the best in tennis court design and installation as well as maintenance and future service.

Sports Amenities
Basketball & Volleyball

It's Game On and this is the time to install sports amenities to keep your public and/or members fit and happy. What better way to sell your product or services then by offering outdoor fun for all!

Installed Tennis Courts
Bocce Ball & Batting Cages

Low contact sports would include Bocce Ball. Something more active, Batting Cages. We custom design what you have in mind with who you expect to use your new sports court amenities.